Schedule Creative Time

Here are a few tips to help you put some creative time in  your schedule:

1. Pencil it in – Schedule time in your planner.  Don’t like an unplanned evening, turn into a social media binge where you waste several hours.  Use that time to create something for yourself or a special loved one.  Schedule a creative class to help you get your creative time in and learn something new.

2. Carry your ideas with you – whether that is in your purse or pocket.  Get a small notebook or download a note taking app for your phone.  Add your ideas and notes to help you remember when you have time scheduled to be creative.

3. Prioritize your to do list, getting those tasks done early that must be done, then give yourself permission to lose yourself in the creative process.  These times can recharge your batteries and make you a happier person.  Creative and scrapbook kits can help you make the most of your creative time.  Kits have all the product, photos and instructions to get you creating in no time at all.

We hope you schedule some creative time today!