Photography on the Go!

With cell phones makers updating the cameras over the years, you can learn to take great photos on the go.  Many of us have our cell phones where ever we go…  from grocery shopping, to basketball games to the car.  Here are a few tips to help you capture your memories on the go.




  • Always remember to keep your phone charged, so when you want to capture that moment it is ready to go!
  • Learn how your camera phone works.  Play and practice taking photos with your phone so when you want to capture those memories you are ready.
  • Search for the perfect lighting.  Poor lightening will cause noise in your photo.
  • Focus on the subject by tapping the subject on your screen.
  • Try to avoid zooming.  It’s better to take a photo then crop later.
  • Try to avoid the flash.  It will create shadows in the background.
  • Check your camera settings on your phone.
  • Use apps to edit your photos.  Some great apps are out there for a minimal investment.

Now get out there and start taking photos of your life!