Meet the Team

Dana,Owner and Designer

Dana is the Owner of Heart Sisters Scrapbooking Events and designs all the Page Kits that we offer. Dana has always been creative, and is passionate about photographing and documenting life's everyday moments. For almost 20 years she has taught classes around the Kansas City area, as well as all over the country at various Expo's and Creating Keepsakes University. Dana has a son and three daughters, and a beautiful granddaughter, too! When not working on Heart Sisters Scrapbooking Events, you can usually find her at a baseball game or cheer competition.


Jennifer began scrapbooking in 2007 after taking a few classes at 2 Scrappy Sisters. She enjoyed the classes so much she applied for a job to soak up as much knowledge as possible. By the time the store closed in the fall of 2008, a friendship had blossomed with this amazing group of creative women. Jennifer has been married to her best friend for 24 years. They have two wonderful children, their spouses & 3 adorable grandchildren


Mary has a wide range of passions when it comes to creativity, but they all complement each other very well! Her top 3 passions include photography, paper crafting & travel! What better ways are there for living and documenting your life? Mary currently works in law enforcement and her husband recently retired from the law enforcement industry. Together, they have two very handsome, grown boys who make their parents proud. In her free time, Mary works closely with foster children and sits on the board for Robert's Place.


Bonnie started scrapbooking when her oldest son was close to graduating high school. That was as far as she had planned to go but she caught the scrapbooking bug! Now, she takes her scrapbooks to family reunions & they are treasured by all. Bonnie worked at 2 Scrappy Sisters & met a great group of ladies that are now like family. Bonnie and her husband own an automotive business and her role is handling the books. They have a lovely family filled with grandkids, nieces, nephews and the couple’s parents – who aren't half bad either!