Generous Hearts


We value supporting people with unwavering passions and causes that better our community. 



Missouri German Shepherd Rescue


Over time Heart Sisters has fostered a friendship with Missouri German Shepherd Rescue – MOGS. We continually recognize the huge task MOGS takes on every day and the struggle they face to save every dog they can.


MOGS is a small but mighty group of animal lovers who go beyond their call of duty, it’s impossible to describe. MOGS utilizes foster homes for their animals and staff are available at all hours to try to save “just one more”. As a group, we decided to actively support this wonderful cause. We value MOGS for their generous hearts and souls to save dogs.


In addition to contributions collected from the participant , Heart Sisters make a contribution from its crop profits to MOGS.


Click here If you would like to donate.
Looking for a lovable fur baby? Please adopt–don’t shop!