Capturing Memories

Your memories are important to you and your family, so here are a few ideas to capture your memories today:

  • Daily “to-do” lists can help you focus on the truly important things in life. Use bullet journaling to jot dot memories pop up doing your day.
  • How about documenting your morning/evening routines?  From capturing that sweet child asleep before you wake them up, bedtime stories or snuggling up with your furry friend and a good book.
  • Do you document what you are grateful for each day?  Why not look back each day and make a layout to show those blessing that you are thankful for each day?
  • Do you enjoy listening to music to help motivate you or to relax you?  Why not create a play list and document it in your scrapbook?

Are you getting your memories documented in your scrapbook albums?  Why not check out these classes to help you do just that!

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Magical Memories

Treasured Memories

What memories are you creating today?