Camera Phone Apps

Do you enjoy capturing photos as they happen?  With the your phone, capturing those unplanned moments are now more easy to capture.  Most cameras come with a camera, but photography apps can put a creative spin on your photos.

Here are a few of our favorite photography apps..

Camera +

It allows you to take photos by selecting the scene modes to bring out the best in your photos. It can zoom, has a flash feature, reverse camera to take selfies and advanced shooting modes.  The editing feature allows you rotate your photo from cropping.  It also has easy filters that can be applied along with frames.

RD Magic

This is one of our go to apps.  It is easy to learn.  If you are familiar with Photoshop and layers this will be an easy transition.  It crops, makes adjustments to the photo, adds filters, bokeh, blur, light leaks, edges and textures.  It works will with the Rhonna Design Suite.

Rhonna Designs

This works in conjunction with the RD Magic, but can also stand alone.  It allows you to crop, add filters, frames, quotes, text and create beautiful artwork that can be printed as large as 12″ x 12″.

Do you have your favorite photography app?  If so, let us know what yours is.