Photography Tips – Stay Focused and Steady

We are sharing more photography tips to help you capture you those special moments in your life.  Whether you are behind your big girl camera (DSLR) or behind your camera phone trying to capture those special photos, one of the first tips is to stay focused and steady.

Sometimes when I am out in public, I want to take the photo quickly because someone is waiting for me or I just feel nervous about taking that extra time to get myself steady and focused before clicking. Take that extra time to get study and focused, even if it means getting on the ground or above the subject to capture that special moment.

You will not regret taking that extra time that might cause a little embarrassment, when you capture that special moment with clear, crisp images that capture the moment. 

Now with many people taking photos for social media, I realize that most people are more acceptable of the extra time it might take to capture your life’s memories.

Would you like to learn more about capturing those dreamy photos and creating stunning photos that capture those precious moments?  

Sheila will show you how this all can be done by mastering manual mode in her upcoming class, Photography: The Art of Expression, on Tuesday, August 2nd from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.  She will be sharing her tips and tricks on lighting and how to create dreamy photos with those blurry backgrounds.  Learn different angels and ways to capture more creative photos.   Click here to find out more about this workshop.