Photoshop Tutorial – Making an E Card

Do you ever want to send a special email to brighten someone’s day?  How about creating a beautiful greeting to accompany your heart-felt message?  Sheila is sharing a easy and fun Photoshop tutorial on creating an E-card.

Create a new artwork file.  By saving in a lower resolution it enables it to be emailed easier.  If you want to be able to print it too, save to 300 dpi.

Next, add your digital elements to create you card.

Continue to add digital elements, papers and text to complete your card.

Then make sure to save your file as a jpg.

This beautiful E-card was made in minutes.  Tip – Make several of these E-cards to share by creating a digital file to put them into.  Then when a special occasion comes up you can easily send a electronic greeting.

We hope you enjoyed another fun and easy tutorial.  Do you want to know what it takes to create digitally?  Then join us for a FREE Diving into Digital class on Thursday, June 2nd.  click here to register!