Why do we scrapbook?

Do you ever ask yourself why do I do this?  We spend all this time and money on layouts, then we put our beautiful layouts in books and the books go on the shelves.  Well, here is a happy story as to why it is fun to have your scrapbooks.

I did the Susan G Komen 3-day walk and met a lot of new fun women.  Many of us spent the whole summer walking together.  And through each step our friendships grew.  Some of those friendships have turned into long term.  Then there were those women we only met for a short time but have made a lasting impression.

After a walk like that you tend to feel lost as to what to do with all your extra time.  So, our group decided to scrapbook our adventure.   We scrapbooked the whole process of how we worked to be able to complete 60 miles, the fun we had along the way and the events that happened at the event.

Naturally many of those women made it in my scrapbook.  I don’t know all their names but I can tell you a story about them and why I wanted to have them in my scrapbook.

Fast forward 10 years later and I have reconnected with a 3-day walker.  We have become friends through chit chatting on my daily coffee stop in our cafeteria.   One day when I was leaving work, I saw Carol – the cafeteria lady getting ready to go for a walk, so I hollered at her and asked her if she wanted a walking partner.   As we walked, we learned that we both walked the Susan G Komen 3-day event the same year.  As we reminisced, I realized I had a photo of her family in MY scrapbook.

It was fun to talk about the walk but what was really cool, is that we could prove that we really did walk the walk and we could talk the talk!!!  I have a photo of her family in my scrapbooked titled Leavenworth sisters.

Who would have ever thought I would have a picture of her family in my scrapbook?!?!

Keep on scrapbooking those photos.  Memories are priceless and our scrapbooks can bring joy over and over again……. And ……. Sometimes in the oddest ways.