Basics of Blending in Photoshop

Today, we are sharing how to use the blending modes in Photoshop Elements.

Photo by Sheila Rumney Photo by Sheila Rumney

This fun and easy tutorial will show you how to use the blending modes to add interest to your photos.

Open you picture file to be used.

Once your picture file is open, make sure to duplicate your layer.

By duplicating the layer, you are not making adjustments to the original photo.

Make sure to click the top layer, then select the drop down menu from the layers pallet.

Select from the drop down menu and then adjust the opacity.

The screen will lighten up the photo.

You can also add texture by dragging and dropping with the Move Tool an image, such as the book page.

Position over the photo and click on the Layers Pallet.

Then choose the different effects and opacity to achieve the desired effect.

Then save your file as a new file name so you don’t copy over your original. ¬†We hope you enjoyed another fun and easy tutorial.