Investing in Yourself

Being a wife, mom and working outside the home sometimes doesn’t allow me extra time to learn new things.  But over the years I have invested in myself by taking creative classes.

I have tried my hand at sketching over the years, but always was very critical of my artwork.  Many times getting frustrated and putting it down.  Now, I am taking time each day to to sketch and I am learning to enjoy the process. 

The best part of sketching is learning again how to create with watercolors.  I just love the relaxing process of mixing the colors, applying them and watching my sketches come alive.  Not all are 5 star quality, but I am learning how to be alright with that. What is most important, is the I take time to invest in myself and my creativity  By taking time to be creative, I have more energy and I am able to give that much more as a wife and mom.

What would you like to learn?  How about how to take a better photo or how Project Life or Made in Minutes scrapbooking techniques to capture your memories?  Heart Sisters has the creative classes for you…

 Hope you plan some time to invest in yourself!