Photoshop Tutorial – Changing Hue & Saturation

Do you love the changing the look of your photos to give them a different look?  In this fun and easy tutorial, I will be using Photoshop Elements to show how easy it is to take your photos to a new level.

I used this technique to bend the precious photo of son and dad working together on a project into the background paper.

Open the photo file to be changed and then click on the Guided Tab at that top.  The select the Old Fashion Photo.

Then select the Add Hue Saturation button.

Next use the each of the sliders to adjust until you get the desired look.  Then click OK.

Click back to the Expert Tab and save the new file making sure name it a new name.  Then use the Move Tool to drag and drop into your artwork.  Or save the file and print.

Layout created by Sheila Rumney with Crafty Secrets digital products. Layout created by Sheila Rumney with Crafty Secrets digital products.

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